2009 Portland Browncoat Ball

The Portland of Oregon hosts the 2009 Browncoat Ball

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COSTUMES!! Cheap as FREE!!

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1 COSTUMES!! Cheap as FREE!! on Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:57 pm

For those of you who do not know me, I'm a costume pack rat. I've done Ren Faires and Cosplay for wayyyyyyyyy too many years and didn't stop with Firefly/Serenity. In my quest for costumes for our San Fransisco BCB (I'm in Central Cali), I kept finding things that were 'perfect for someone'. I did sell some stuff the next year on ebay, but kep collecting (my fave thrift shop had 75% off Fridays)...when you can get a full lenght leather coat for $8, you buy it (sorry, ewok has already snagged that one for herself!).

Anyway, I've got too much stuff. And...since I'm sure the next BCB will be on the East Coast, then probably in the middle states the next time, it's going to be more than likely 3 years before it gets to us again.

I can't make it to Portland due to our Ren Faire being that same weekend. *pout*

But, here's the deal. I HAVE to clean out my studio apartment. Yep, you read that right, I don't just have a closet, or even a room full of costumes, I have a freakin' studio-could-be-rented-out-for-$600-a-month-apartment crammed full of Asian, Indian, Bohemian, Western, "Wash", "Kaylee", "Inara", "Zoe" & Jayne looking stuff...For those who look more like Simon, I've got a vest for you, add your own white shirt and dark pants and you are set.

I know when we did the SF BCB, it was 3 days of themed/costume dressing. The Ball itself being the 'biggie', but heck, most the guys were wearing khaki and cammo pants with Jayne shirts or Wash shirts or even FF/Serenity logo shirts...the gals were even in Wash shirts! Then there were all the Asian tops over jeans for the casual days, so that every day, we had, if not out and out 'costumes', as least we had the 'feel of the 'verse' in our dress.

So, that's what I have. A little bit of everything.

I'm going to try to photograph, organize as best I can. But it might just be "12 "Wash" shirts, in sizes S-XXL". Or, "Asian, top, size small, black with red floral print"...or "Indian tunic with pants in Lilac".

The thing is, I'd love to sell all this and at least get my money back, but more than that, I'd love to see this stuff used!

So, here's the deal. A travelling 'costume closet'. I am going to pack up and send off to the Portland Browncoats and humongeous box of 'dress up' stuff. Use what you want, keep what you want, borrow or whatever...then, when the next group bids and gets the Ball for their city, pass along that which is left over or 'borrowed'. Make sense?

Of course, if you are one who likes to go to alot of FF/Serenity Cons/Shindigs and want your own garb, let me know ASAP what you are looking for. I might have just what you need. I just ask for shipping costs.

I am trying to get the stuff up to Portland as cheaply as possible, and there is a chance that Gingi might be up there for Labor Day weekend, if the airline she's using does NOT charge for the first suitcase, I will cram her largest one full. OR, I can pack up the stuff in a box and send it Grayhound. They charge about $1 per pound!

So, next meeting you all have, spread the word. Crazy costume lady is cleaning house! k?

And, IF, my any chance any of you want to help sponsor Gingi is her travels, you can always throw a couple of dollars beyond the postage to us via paypal.


Suzi/Saxon (the blue haired extra)

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2 Re: COSTUMES!! Cheap as FREE!! on Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:04 pm

Hey, Saxon. Good to see you on this board. I would love to talk costumes! I'm not a costumer at all, so I could really use some help.

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3 Sorry it took so long... on Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:34 pm

Due to a mishap with packing, the bag of costumes did not make it to Portland with us a few weeks ago...but thanks to Greyhound and Portland's own Wyobar and NRags, the goodies are there! yay!

I hope the group has had a chance to dig through the stuff and most if not all of it has found a good home.

I wish I could have sent more. (I HAVE more!). It's been hard to even dig stuff out, had another 'neck thingy' done, and not supposed to lift over 10lbs. *the bag I sent was 30*.

Anyhoo...have fun, and if I ever get well enough to sell on ebay, I'll post a note here. Would be nice to get at least some of my cashy money back from all the years of 'pack ratting' this stuff. heh.

But seriously, I'm just happy to doin' good works. heh.

Have fun!!


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